Woman Files For Divorce because husband doesn’t like bathing.

Husband Avoids Regular Baths, Woman Files For Divorce From Him

WOMAN FILES FOR DIVORCE – A bizarre case has opened as a 20-year-old woman from India filed for divorce from her husband for being stinky.

Indian Woman Seeks Divorce From Husband For Not Taking A Bath

It’s understandable that some people skip a bath or two once-in-a-while. However, this particular woman from Inida may have experienced an extreme case of this from her husband.

The woman, Soni Devi claimed her husband, Manish Ram stinks because “he does not shave, take a bath or brush his teeth regularly”. This led her to file a complaint to the State Women’s Commission (SWC).

Because of this, the SWC gave a two-month ultimatum to Devi’s husband to change his ways or face legal action for not complying with the order.


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