Video:Yaa Jackson Spotted mingling with D black in the night club having fun together.

Beautiful actress and musician Yaa Jackson who recently released his new single Me know ado keeps popping up on social media living her best life.

The young actress seems to be living her best life as a rising music star. Photos & videos of her cruising around in the best cars money can buy, having fun in luxurious places and traveling around emerge almost every day on social media.

Well, it is safe to say Yaa Jackson is more than friendly with her brother & friends as she was seen partying with Black Avenue Music CEO D Black in a club.

In a video that recently surfaced online, the two were seen sitting at a club just relaxing and having fun. Dblack was spotted holding a disposable cup filled with a drink while He hugged Yaa Jackson.

D black was dressed in casual wear paired with sneakers while Yaa Jackson was seen beside him dressed also in casual yellow short Nikka and top also paired with sneakers. Yaa Jackson was later spotted mingling with D black, fans and friends while dancing.

Watch the video below:

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