UK Based Derrick Evans Writes: Use your heads – Say No to prank calls AMBULANCE

When are we going to get serious as a people, when are we going to start using our heads, I wonder the rationale behind the thousands of prank calls directed at the National ambulance centre, a centre records 60,000 calls and just 133 were real emergencies🤔

What do we set to achieve with this backwards thinking behavior, how can you feel happy pranking an emergency center when you know the purpose for which it was established.

We always complain about our leaders but we the people are not even ready to help them effect change because of our primitive mindset, we are just not different from the people we keep bashing all the time, we’re the reasons why our leaders always take us for granted.

The NATIONAL AMBULANCE CENTER wasn’t set up to receive needless prank calls but respond to emergency situations of the general public, let’s help the center become very effective.


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