Today 22 /12 /2017 Doli Armano Ki on Adom TV. What is going to happen. 

Today’s #Dolionadomtv, Aditi tries to speak to her brother in favour of Urmi and tells him that all his accusations on Urmi are wrong. Aditi later goes on to tell everything to Samrat about her being at the restaurant and also says that she had arranged a meeting between Urmi and Amrit. Samrat gets furious with his sister and slaps Aditi. Meanwhile, the man whom Urmi had earlier met arrives at home and it turns out that he is Sushmaji’s son’s friend and not her son. He brings many gifts for Sushmaji and Tiwariji on their son’s behalf but Sushmaji does not feel happy. Later, Urmi leaves Shaurya to his school and just when she leaves, Samrat arrives and spends some time with Shaurya. 

Samrat and Shaurya spend some time together and Shaurya agrees to keep this meeting a secret from his mother. Samrat even plans to watch a 3D movie with Shaurya and asks him to keep even this matter a secret too. Meanwhile, Urmi brings some breakfast to Yash’ room and Yash immediately gets too conscious about the food and starts checking if the food is healthy or not. Urmi later tries to talk to him about Tiwariji’s son but Yash who calls himself his best friend seems to be hiding something. Later, Sushmaji gets angry as she does not wants to entertain a friend of her son in her house and does not want to provide him food and shelter without any reason. Watch the entire episode to know what happens next. 

 Tune in @ 11am.

Today 22 /12 /2017 Doli Armano Ki on Adom TV. What is going to happen. 

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