PHOTO: Use your TOTO to collect endorsement – Fella Makafui Tells Fan

Yolo star, Fella Makafui is really ‘suffering’ in the hands of social media trolls as well as some fans and followers.

Not long ago Yolo Star, Fella Makafui lauched her beauty product dubbed beauty by fella makafui, the business woman under the launch, she promised patrons that she will be opening lots of business under her brand name.

Fella Makafui, said

I have passion for fashion designing thus i decided to come up with my own clothing line – FM clothing, before the year ends I will open five more companies in addition to my three companies”

As usual of many Ghanaian female celebrities, Fella Makafui posted a photo on her Instagram page with the caption

Had an Amazing meeting with DHL this morning !! Something cooking !!!! #DHL #wearmadeinghana #wearFM ..

Her expectation of gathering wish me well comments and likes under her photo turned out to be great until one Instagram user by name @sumboh_ spoiled her mood.

Like you know and have read plenty online, Fella makafui has been leveled with plenty allege relationships with big Men, I mean Sugar Daddies which to her all are not true. She is a hardworking girl and all she has got is through her hardwork and favor from God according to her.


This instagram user by name @sumboh_ comment on fella makafui post didn’t go down well with the Yolo Fame Star.

Below is a screen shot of the comment & reply from fella makafui


Fella Makafui and Shipping company DHL- probably a shipment deal instead of her paying everyday for shipment they are giving her monthly deal at a discount.

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