Kwesi Korang is an Asset & a very Good Rapper in the music industry – Support him – Obrafuo


The Bono regional capital has more than 100 talents — and on any regular day in the city, it can feel as though a larger part of the population consists of more musicians jostling for a shot at success.

WTM record label business signed artiste Kwasi Korang, is one of such talents in Sunyani with several hit songs and a giant fanbase but one cannot actually say his position in the music industry is one that is embraced by all.

Kwasi Kroang has a number of good songs to prove his talent.

Born Michael Elliot Kwabena Okyere Darko, Obrafour, shares a similar opinion by highlighting on a few points that could pivot talents including Kwasi Korang to the next level.

A fixture of Sunyani’s underground hip-hop scene, Kwasi Korang Ginola, a.k.a. Kwasi Korang, has been making music since about two years now.
He has good music for fans with records including his controversial song called “Letter to my MP, Member of Parliament“ among others.

Obrafour lauded Kwasi Korang effort while speaking about unappreciated talents in Ghana.

“Kwasi is doing brilliantly well, he has good music, BA and Ghana should watch out he is super super raper Rap Sofour I have endorse him.”

However, speaking on Radio BAR in Sunyani at radio interviewed on 25 December Obrafour @ 20 show, he stated, “Kwasi Kroang has blowed my mind he is a very big assert for Bono Bono East and Ahafo he should be supported by everyone, God should bless your vision and many all your dreams as a musician comes true.” He said.

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