Another S3xtape : Girl From St. Louis, SHS in 3 some – Tape nu Leakii oo

Last night, another sez-tape leaked and what makes it quite interesting is the fact that, the girl seems to be a very beautiful one, very young and is told she is a very popular girl in Kumasi especially in one of the SHS schools around. This lady in the video called “Isha” was being banged hard by three guys in a room.

In the sekx-tape, the girl is being fired from that doggy position as she gives one of the boys a BJ and it was clear that, the other guys were in a hurry to have their share of the pum-pum before she changes her mind.

From what has gathered, the girl is a very bad girl and has been doing more of such videos but this happens to be the one that got leaked. We also gather she’s a product of St. Louis SHS but that has not been verified yet. Although we are not certain of her age, we are sure she wouldn’t be more than 20 years old. From what we’ve gathered she’s devastated by the leak as she just didn’t see it coming. was told that, it was her mother who sent her the video on Whatsapp and that she didn’t know she was being recorded at the time she was ‘banging and sucking’ those two boys.

“Everyone is just insulting me, it’s not like I knew about the video, I didn’t even know. It was even my mom who sent it to me and everyone is just saying BS to me. I don’t even know what to do again” Isha Thomas as she is known disclosed in an audio.

A source close to her has told that, she’s hurt by the leak and is begging people to stop sharing the video as it was just one of those moments in her life–Youthful exuberance!

We wish we could easily add the video here since all the parties knew it was being recorded but it’s against site policy and that of our advertisers to put such videos here. Its spreading on Whatsapp, so someone may send it to you soon there. We are only reporting it as news, so friends, families, know the kind of stuff their people get involved in.

watch it here EMPRESS LEAK


If Ladies could listen to our advice, it will be to their own good because guys are not what they always appears when in happy mood. They turn to show different colours when they are bitter. And giving your nude pictures to your guy will not make him love you more. It rather puts your hand in his mouth as when you hit him on the head, he will have no option than to bit you. A word to a wise lady.

Oh yeah we do try our best to keep you guys informed with what is going around you. And yeah this should serve as a lesson to everyone especially the female reader. Your past can hunt you this should preach, never use your today to kill your future.

My take: Never ever on any circumstance allow yourself to be video taped in any form whatsoever in the name of love or fun. the consequences can be really disastrous! Beware!

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