Alleged – Video-Fantana is Sleeping & having fun with Blackstars player afriyie acquah in Turkey

Wendy shay will be the happiest person in the world currently after she threw shots at Fantana for depending on her mums money.

It’s alleged that Fantana is also part of those celebrities who go around sleeping with men for money and fame.

Earlier this week a video was posted on those called Celebs IG page showing Fantana hanging out with Blackstars player afriyie acquah and friends.

According to the video & caption, it’s alleged Fantana was invited by Afriyie Acquah to spend some time together in turkey.

It’s also alleged that the source that dropped the video, added that Fantana is in a romantic relationship with the Blackstars player Afriyie acquah and they having some quality time together somewhere in turkey.


As you can see from the video below.. The two are really enjoying themselves.

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