29 MP’s from Brong Ahafo Region Failed To Support Brong Ahafo Music Awards; Organisers Reveal

Final List of Nominees For 2018 Brong Ahafo Music Awards Released

Brong Ahafo based Social Media influencer SETH GH has expressed disappointment in the Brong Ahafo regional minister, regional MPs, DCEs and influential stakeholders for not helping the Brong Ahafo entertainment industry grow.

Industry players have complained bitterly about how the industry is struggling and the fact that their grievances have fallen on deaf ears with others concluding that the current minister is only interested in politics and not giving a listening ear to their cry.

In a month or less the region is going to witness the biggest Awards event which is the Brong Ahafo Music Awards festival 2018.

SETH GH made it known to SUPERSTV.COM that several individuals & event organizers are trying on their own to raise the standard of the industry but the Regional stakeholders (regional minister, regional MPs, DCEs and influential stakeholders) must join the agenda for the growth of the industry.

“the leaders are not paying attention and not are supportive, we are at the bottom line, you see our regional artistes are very talented but the industry is very poor that they cant even break out.,


My attention was drawn to the unsupportive of our regional minister, regional MPs, DCEs and some other influential stakeholders who rejected to offer help or support to Brong Music awards 2018 when the event organizers approached them officially.


Seth Gh also added that when an approach was made to some government officials they rejected to help, giving some shaded response like ” we can’t support you Guys because the regional artistes are not serious”

I was very sad when I heard this coming from a regional government official saying this to his own people who voted for him to be in that office.

The event organizers, in addition, made it known to SETH Gh that times are hard and all efforts made to these officials to support the regional awards haven’t been successful.

Lack of sponsors & support from stakeholders is a very big challenge to them but with God all this all possible they added.

Seth Gh was surprised by the response from these officials who again will rely on the same people the youth to campaign & vote for them and you are refusing to help them when they needed you the most.

Apparently, guess the Officials and some stakeholders have forgotten that the most effective way to communicate to the Youth is through Entertainment.

Talking to SammyFlex on Zylofon FM, Jblack Code Events, said non of the stakeholders from the region was willing to support them including Mp’s from the region. ”We  traveled all the way from Sunyani to the flagstaff house in Accra to talk to all the 29 MP’s from the region to officially bring them on board since the award ceremony was meant to promote the creative arts industry in the Brong Ahafo Region but not even a pesewa came from the coffers of these MP’s to support the cause.

I Hope and pray this article gets to needed authority involve, together with your help we can all contribute in our small ways to make Brong Ahafo bigger, brighter and attractive through arts and entertainment.

Support your own, Support Brong Ahafo music. Support Brong Ahafo music awards.

Brong Ahafo music awards has been postpone, check out new date here Official Press Release -Brong Ahafo Music Awards Postponed

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